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Towing Services

Heavy Duty Towing

For Heavy Duty Towing we are equipped with units ranging in size from 25 to 50 ton capacities. All of our units are State of the art Hydraulic Towing and recovery units equipped with Under-lifts. All our units contain an enormous array of additional equipment such as Chains, Recovery Straps, Snatch Blocks, Cables, Cones, Flares, Spill Kits, and a complete set of Hand and Air Tools. We provide turnkey services from start to finish.

Light Duty Towing

For Light and Medium Duty Towing we are equipped with the latest Car Carriers including Flatbeds/Rollbacks, Wheel-lifts, and Transports. Our drivers utilize a four point tie down system on all Flatbed, Rollback, and Transport operations, to virtually eliminate damage and loss concerns. All drivers are trained and certified to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of our performance.

Private Property Towing

We also offer Private Property Towing and abandon vehicle removal. Do you own or manage a Parking lot, Strip Center or Warehouse. Do you have un authorized vehicles using your property without permission. When parking lot use goes unmonitored it can lead to Vandalism, Theft, Parking lot litter, Damage to curbs, lights and drains not to mention a reduction in revenue generating traffic. We can provide a total solution.

Heavy Duty Towing

We maintain a fleet of specialized Recovery equipment including two Fork-lifts and two Front-end Loaders ranging in capacity from 1.5 to 7.5 tons, all with forks buckets and specialty attachments. We have Dry Boxes, Flat-bed trailers, Landolls, and Refrigerated trailers. We have Roll-off Dumpsters and a transport truck. We are equipped with Pallet jacks, Conveyors, Trailer docks, plus plastic and steel banding and shrink wrap. We have converter dollies for damaged and broken trailers, and a specialized process for unloading structurally damaged trailers when necessary. We have Incident Management trained supervisors on duty 24/7 to ensure the integrity of all Towing and Recovery efforts. We also operate a secure storage facility manned 24 hours per day with total video surveillance.
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